Friday, September 19, 2008

She's Here!!!!

Grace Isabella Gringer --- 6lbs, 2oz - About 19"

Stacey is doing very well and she did so amazing!!! Will post more and update the running blog when I get a chance. Grace had to go to the special care unit because she was early and Stacey had the fever / possible infection, so they have to run some tests to make sure Grace doesnt have an infection and run a bunch of tests. Stay tuned for the pics - we love you all!


Brian and Karen said...

Congrats!!! So excited for you guys. We can't wait to meet her. I do hope that Grace is able to come out of the Special care unit soon. I know all too well how hard it can be to have your child separated from you after birth. I am praying for a quick run of tests, negative outcomes, and her to be in your arms and NURSING PERFECTLY very very soon!

Blessings to all THREE of you!
Love you so much,
Karen :)

Brian and Karen said...

PS - If Stace wants to talk, please have her call me. I have been in that same place, not too long ago. :)

Remember too, you can and should REQUEST that you are there for all things, ie. first bath, tests, screenings, etc. Brian and I missed all that stuff because no one came and got us and we didn't realize that we were entitled to be in the SCU with her. Also, in the SCU they will probably give her a paci (and possibly formula) and you can request that they do not and remind them that you want to nurse exclusively. :) Blah, Blah, Blah, I can go on and on about hospital stuff...just tell Stace to call me if she wants to talk. I know how emotional all this can be! Love you guys!!!