Friday, September 19, 2008

Grace --- The Big Reveal!

...And here she is! I will upload more tomorrow, as well as pick up where I left everybody hanging on the running blog. I was just down in the Special Care Unit for a bit with Grace and she is doing very well. They won't know about any infections for 48 hours, but the nurse said she is doing great and she kept sticking her tongue out at me, mouthing like she is ready to feast on Mommy!! (as soon as Stace can make it down there). Thanks again to everyone for their support, every bit of it helped get us through the day. K, time to try and get some sleep!!!

11:51pm Update: Check that... we are going down to the SCU to see if Stace can give Grace some good eats tonight!

12:46am --- First feeding went pretty well, she did some good sucking for quite awhile, and of course seems like it will be a pretty trying process. I think she was as wiped out as we are from today's events! Okay, NOW it's time to try and sleep... til the nurse sounds the morning feasting horn...


Brian and Karen said...

Yeah! She is so little and so perfect!! I am so happy for you guys. I do hope that nursing session number one went awesome! :) Get some rest if you can! :)

Love to you and the little family!
~Karen, Brian, & Sierra :)

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous!!! We can't wait to spoil her---absolutely beautiful in every way! Love you guys! Mom and Gerry