Friday, September 26, 2008

The Past Few Days


Hard to imagine that on this day one week ago we were just getting settled in our room at the hospital and Grace was knocking on the door to come on out! The last few days have gone by fast but they have been great days. Here's a quick rundown...

On Tuesday we gave Grace her first bath at home - they had given her one at the hospital the day after she was born - and lemme tell ya, she did not enjoy it too much! She's not a big fan of stripping down to just her diaper, but I'm not going to complain about that... I had to end up consoling her towards the end by letting her have a grasp of one of my fingers in each hand, while she sucked on my pinky finger at the same time.

Grace had her 2nd doctors appointment on Wednesday and everything checked out fine. Her slight jaundice still wasn't of a concern and it has started to go down since then. Next visit is now scheduled for October 3rd (2 days before her original due date!) Also on Wednesday, Stacey was having some pains in her abdomen so we took a trip to her doctor and they said she had a bladder infection and her stitches were starting to get infected. Originally she wasn't going to go, but its a good thing she did as it could have progressed into something worse.

Sleep during the night has much improved since night #1, as Grace has been doing a good job of usually only waking up when she is hungry or can't stand being in a dirty diaper anymore. She has definitely taken after me in the way she sleeps - mouth open, arms spread way out, and twitching every so often. We keep her bassinet out in the living room and Orville's (our first dog) new favorite thing to do is keep a watchful eye over Grace. We did not expect Orville to be so protective / curious out of all three of our dogs as usually he is really laid back, but his new favorite thing to do is jump up on the couch on the arm rest and stick his head into the bassinet for a few seconds, make sure Grace is inside and asleep, then jump back off. I snapped a pic of him yesterday in the act.

Nothing else too exciting to report though, which I suppose is a good thing! Grace doesn't really fit into any clothes right just yet - they're either too big or the legs on her "preemie" outfits are too short - but I don't think she really minds... Other than that, we are wishing everyone from my Dad's side of the family safe travels to and from Virginia this weekend for my cousin Mike's wedding - hope it is a joyous time and we're bummed we couldn't be there to celebrate. --- Be sure to keep checking the online gallery for new pics, I'll try and post some every couple days.

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