Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Shower #2


Yesterday was the second, and last, of our two baby showers - this time thrown by Stacey's mother, Patty, and my step-mother, Sue - at Knollwood Lodge inside Northampton Park --- ironically there was also another baby shower at the same time at Northampton, for somebody else named 'Stacey'. We were blessed to have many family and friends in attendance, along with an over abundance of awesome, mostly homemade food and desserts - thanks to all who contributed! Grace is now even more spoiled (and also very much loved), as she received many more gifts, clothes, and everything else... If this baby is not a girl, we are definitely going to be in trouble with this large, predominately female-only wardrobe!! Many thanks to everybody for all of the gifts, everything is greatly appreciated for sure --- and luckily we didn't get anymore Bumbo seats!

A couple baby shower games were played --- 'guess the belly size in string length', and 'baby bingo'. Maggie Kolcon won the string game as most people's strings were way too long, and there was a bunch of different winners for bingo. I surprised Stacey by inviting one of her good childhood friends, Christina Morganti, who she used to dance with among other things, and hadn't seen in a long time, to the shower. When Stace saw her walk around the corner into the building, the look on her face was priceless, and she was definitely very surprised and happy to see her!

A few shower pictures are below, but you can check them all out by Clicking Here! Also, the nursery has pretty much been finished, as both sets of doors are now up - but I'll post more on that in the upcoming days with some updated nursery pics. We have spent last night and the first part of today putting everything together and away, and pretty much all that's left is Grace's arrival (tentatively Oct. 5)! Stacey is still feeling well, still getting kicked every so often, and ready for baby bump to be gone! Hope everybody has a great Labor Day.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Nursery -- Stage 3: Mural Complete + Furniture


I finished the mural this past Friday night as I mentioned in the last post, a couple weeks after all of our nursery furniture arrived that we had ordered from Simon's -- many, many thanks to my Mom & Gerry for all of the furniture! I gave in to Stace and let her see the mural before it was done when the furniture came and she was very happy to finally be able to get back into the room (she loved the mural as well!!) Overall I am pleased with how it came out, as it was quite a task to complete and must say I'm happy to be done, as it took a lot more effort and time than I originally thought it would! I'm also really digging how everything came together (colors, furniture, mural, etc.), and as close to my original vision as I could have hoped for. Was a bit nervous that I was going to screw something up along the way... Alas, now that the paint has dried, we are definitely hoping the doctor did not make a mistake and that we are in fact having a girl!!! Especially with all of the clothes, shoes, and other misc. female items that have now accumulated in her closet / armoire -- such a spoiled baby already...

I've posted a few pictures below, but you can check them all out by Clicking Here - enjoy! (Pictures were taken before 1st Baby Shower - the room is quite a bit more full now...) Now all that's left to finish is installing the new main and closet doors (Stage 4) and it'll be all set for Grace's arrival in about 6 weeks! That's all for now - next post will be after Baby Shower #2 on the 30th - until then...

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Shower #1 & Other Misc. Updates


On Saturday we had our first of two baby showers, thrown by my Mom, at Hawthorne's on East Ave. near Pittsford (second shower is on the 30th of this month). About 30 people were in attendance, the food was great, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Thanks again to everyone for the many gifts for Grace and I'm sure we will put them all to good use! The most popular gift for sure was the "Bumbo" seat, as we received three of them because for some reason it never was removed from our registry once the first one was purchased... but thats okay. Below are a few photos from the shower --- you can also view the full album here: Baby Shower #1. Sorry, didn't have a chance to get any of Stace opening gifts as I was busy helping out, but if anybody has any they took, please be sure to send them this way!

Last week we finished our 5 week long birth class and I think we have retained quite a bit of useful knowledge that will help us both with the upcoming delivery --- hopefully I won't forget most of it as I need to be on top of my coaching game when the day arrives. We also completed a breastfeeding class last weekend together and learned a bunch of tools, Stacey especially, as she attempts to undergo the feedings once Grace arrives. I'm sure it will be a trying process that will hopefully go smooth and well enough for all parties involved.

Also, the nursery is almosttt complete as the mural has been finished & baby furniture has been furnished, however we hit a little snag putting in the main and closet doors... Hopefully those will be in sometime this coming week with some more help from my Dad. I will however post some pictures of the completed mural and furniture in the upcoming days as it has been a very busy weekend and I wanted to get these up first --- so stay tuned!

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