Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Break and a Sick Baby

I was able to enjoy a great week off with Grace last week due to Spring Break. We were so busy that I didn't get a chance to write. Daddy finally found some time to download some of our pictures. The rest are posted in the gallery. On Friday we took some lunch to Uncle Brian's work for him and his coworkers. This was Grace's first trip to the ice rink and I think she really enjoyed it.

The weather was kind of all over the place last week. On Saturday it was 85 degrees out. Poor Grace was sweating away so we let her just wear her diaper for a while and she was loving life. Here is a picture of "Super Grace".

We tried to take some pictures of Grace's new teeth on Saturday. It was a tad difficult to do. This picture is not the best, but you get the idea. I think she has a new one working its way up on her bottom gum.
Grace was definitely tired out by our busy week. Here's a picture of her taking a nap.

Apparently we did a little too much last week and now more Grace is sick. We think it's a combination of a cold and teething. Hopefully she will feel better soon! I will keep you updated.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 Months Old

Grace is 7 months old today! We cannot believe how fast each month goes by. It seems like it goes by faster with each month. It also seems like each month gets better and better as Grace learns new things.
She has started to sit up on her own. We still need to sit next to her so we can catch her if she begins to tip which happens sometimes. Last week she still needed a lot of help with this, but today she was able to sit for a few minutes without tipping. It's amazing how fast she learns new things. As I reported earlier this week, Grace's first tooth arrived. You can see it a lot better now. We think that another tooth is poking through now too, but Grace won't let us get a clear shot of it.
She is eating lots of different foods now. We introduced butternut squash, acorn squash, avocados, peaches and pears this month.

Grace is also becoming quite the noise maker. She loves to hear herself cough so she will usually spend a lot of time doing this during the day. Apparently when Jason and I leave for work, Grace likes to screech. We are started to notice that she really seems to enjoy music. We have always played music every night while sleeps. Every time she hears music she turns her head towards it and listens intently. She also likes to play the keyboard on her "Around We Go" toy. Another new thing that we have noticed is that Grace is starting to developing seperation anxiety. If I leave the room while she is playing she will usually start to cry until I return. I have also noticed that if I start walking towards her she will smile, but as soon as I turn away she starts to cry. She has also started crying when different family members try to hold her.
Last week, Grace had her first "photoshoot". She was quite the little ham. The photographer asked us if we take a lot of pictures of Grace and we said "Oh yeah!". She said that she could tell since Grace was so comfortable in front of the camera. We are supposed to pick up the pictures on Friday so we will try to post them when we get them.

Grace's First Easter

Here are some pictures for Grace's First Easter. She was true champ considering the fact that she was teeth combined with all of the running around we did over the weekend.

Grace with her new ducky from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Pizzoli.

Grace showing off one of her Easter dresses.

Grace and Mommy at Great-Aunt Andi's house.

Here's our little bunny!

This was actually a Halloween costume that my mom bought for Grace, but she couldn't wear it because it was way too big for her. We saved it in her closet because we thought maybe we could use it for something else in the future. A few weeks ago my mom was going through Grace's closet and she stumbled upon it. We finally thought of a purpose for it. A photoshoot! She just woke up right before we took this picture so she was in a bit of a daze.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We have a tooth!

I believe that I mentioned a bump on Grace's gums during the 6 month update post. Well, that bump just turned into a tooth today. All weekend she was chewing on this like a little crazy woman and the drool was just pouring out of her mouth. We also noticed that she was acting a little cranky which is unusual for her. We figured her tooth would pop out of her gums any day now and sure enough it did. There was nothing there this morning and when I got home from work today my mom mentioned that she got really cranky around 2pm and she had to give her some Tylenol because nothing seemed to cheer her up. I put my finger in her mouth and sure enough I felt a tooth. I mader her laugh and there it was. I don't have a picture yet because there really isn't a whole lot to see yet. I will make sure I post a picture when you can see the tooth a little better.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Grace Diggin' "Big Whiskey"

~ 6 MONTHS, 18 DAYS ~

OK, so I've had this posted on YouTube for a few days [with already 180+ views!] and figured I'd throw it up here as well...

Story behind this video... Grace was on my lap, I had my laptop out and was letting Stace hear the newly released "Big Whiskey & The GrooGrux King" (upcoming DMB album) clip. The music starts to play and Grace turns her head towards the screen and just stares, listening to the music. I must have played the clip 15 times, every time it stopped she would hit the computer like she wanted it again, and I'd play it again and she was still mesmerized each time. Finally I had Stace grab the camera to film her - of course she got a bit camera shy, and then the dogs flustered her concentration, but you get the idea...

Back end to the story is before she was born, she attended 3 DMB concerts in the womb - she was a fan before she even knew it and this was just music to her little ears!

Some other exciting news to report (technology related of course), we're getting a new HD video camera - (should be arriving tomorrow, thanks fantasy football!!) - so we will no longer be posting grainy video from one of our digital cameras... can't wait! The other video camera we had was lost somewhere in the transition from Vegas to NY. We have a couple other videos that need to be posted as well - Grace's new favorite thing, splashing in the bathtub, and a couple others - Stacey will get them up when she gets time. Until then, hope you enjoyed!