Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Nursery -- Stage 1: Main Colors Painted


It's been a month since the last post, and its long past the half way point -- figured I should give an update of recent happenings around here...

I started painting Grace's nursery a couple weeks ago -- had to prime over 2 shades of blue which we had previously painted over the original room's (previous owner's) color of orange, then put on the two new main colors, since we've now turned what was once the spare bedroom, into the nursery. I was given complete creative control on the project and it's all in my hands, so hopefully all turns out well... so far so good though - at least the colors look the way I had hoped up to this point. Big thanks though to Stacey's mom, Patty, for helping with the priming! The next stage commences this weekend as I'll be starting to draw out the mural that I'll be painting on the main wall (the top part). Stacey wants to be surprised as she doesn't know what it's going to be until I finish - I guess I'll leave ya'll in suspense as well. I'm hoping it turns out OK as I've never really done a mural before, or any creative painting in a long time (hopefully it's like riding a bike...), and don't want to mess it up! I'm hoping to have it finished by the time our nursery furniture arrives in a month or so. The final stages will be placing white molding where you see the current stripe going around the room in the pics below, and getting all of the furniture set up.

Nursery Pics - Stage 1: (You can click on an image to view it full size).

FYI: Current paint colors are -- BEHR: Vanilla Custard (the yellow) & Foxgloves (the purple)

Other miscellaneous news to report --- Stacey is doing well and everything checked out in good measure at the last doctors appointment- she goes in for her glucose check in 3 weeks. Grace has been very active, kicking quite a bit, especially on Stace's bladder, which needless to say she doesn't enjoy the frequent bathroom trips very much! Grace seems to be especially active after Stacey eats ice cream or something sweet. It's been quite hot and humid up here the past week or so, and luckily we have a pool because they've been in it quite a bit - and I'm sure will be most of the summer if it stays this hot! Next week Grace will be experiencing her first Dave Matthews Band concerts - one at Darien Lake, and two in Saratoga Springs over the weekend - as we'll be away for probably the last time before she arrives. If she's kicking away in there, I think we'll know we have a fan in training... haha. --- OK, that's about all from this front as this is long enough already, but I'll be sure to post again once the nursery is further along and we have more news to report!