Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grace Walks! + Halloween Dress Up

Really been slacking on the posts lately - but here's a couple new videos... Grace was a lamb for her 2nd Halloween (go figure). She didn't mind the costume too much surprisingly... We walked her around the block, but didn't go to any doors for candy... thought that would be a bit weird - but maybe next year as... she started officially walking last Saturday!

I was playing with her downstairs and stood her up in the middle of the room away from her shopping cart, and she walked right over to it (about 7 steps)! She's still trying to get a real hang of it, but is doing much better, especially when she wears her boots upstairs. She has only "ran" a couple times, but I'm sure that will be soon... we're in trouble, she is extremely active as it is!!

Anyways, enjoy the videos!