Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food Allergy Update

I talked to the nurse at Genesis Pediatrics yesterday and it looks like the test came back negative for all of the previously mentioned food allergies. Dr. Wells was a little concerned with one of the test because something did show up although the test still came back negative. He is requesting that the lab redo this test again. He is also concerned with the dip in Grace's weight gain now since the tests were negative. He said that usually when baby's have a dip in their weight growth it is due to food allergies. She had the dip, but now it doesn't look like food allergies is the cause of it. We will hopefully find out the new results on Thursday and if I don't hear anything, then I have to call back on Friday. Until then, they would like us to continue with the Alimentum formula and the solid foods that we are already feeding her and then try to introduce a new food each week. The nurse also said to try and really push those solid foods with her (which is easier said than done with Grace). Hopefully we will have some kind of answer soon. I'm just glad that the doctor is looking into it a bit more and not completely writing me off as some crazy, psycho mommy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy ever! I love you!
Love, Grace

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

9 Months Check up

Grace had her 9 months check up this evening. We were able to make an appointment for 6 pm so Jason and I were both able to go. Luckily, Grace did not need any immunizations today, but by the way she was acting you would have thought she had about 4 shots today. She was definitely not happy to be there. We can't complain though because she usually never gets cranky when we are out and about. I think she just didn't like the change in her schedule.
Here are some of her stats from the appointment:
Weight = 16.5 lbs. (11th percentile)
Head circumference = 17.5 in. (66th percentile)
Height = 27.75 in. (60th percentile)

Dr. Wells said that Grace is doing very well developmentally and she is right where she should be. We talked about everything that has been happening with Grace's bowel movements and rashes. Dr. Wells suggested that we get her tested for food allergies. We really wanted to hear this so we are happy that Dr. Wells suggested it. We are not looking forward to putting P-nut through it, but it will be helpful to know what is possibly causing all of these things. Tomorrow I will be taking Grace to the lab to have her tested for the following allergies:
Milk, soy bean, egg white, egg yolk, wheat, peanut, and corn
She obviously won't be eating peanuts anytime soon, but since we are having the test done and she seems to have some food allergies, Dr. Wells thought it would be a good idea to have it done. We definitely agree with him on this. We should have these results within a few days.
As you can see from the stats above, Grace's weight is still a little low. It's within normal range, but due to everything that has happened this past month, we will be watching it closely.
Well, thanks for reading if you made it this far. I will write an update when we find out what's going on with Grace.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Museum, Parade, Carnival and a Visit to the Beach

In the past week and a half Grace has experienced many firsts. On Saturday, June 6th we took her to the Strong National Museum of Play for the first time. Uncle Brian and Jason wanted to go visit the Videogame exhibit so Grace and I tagged along.

This past Thursday Uncle Brian and I took Grace to her first parade. Unfortunately Jason was not able to come with us. I was a little nervous about how Grace would react to the loud noises, but she loved it. I tried to cover her ears, but she wasn't having it. It did start to rain after a little while so I was not able to take any pictures.
This past Saturday we took Grace to the Spencerport Carnival. She loved watching all of the people. She won her first prize (a fuchsia doggy). We also took some great pictures by the canal. Here are a few:

We stopped home for a quick nap and then we went down to Charlotte beach for some dinner and a walk on the beach. We ate at Harbor Hots which was pretty good and then took Grace for her first walk on the beach. We were able to make it just in time for the sunset and we got some great pics.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Healthy at Last!?!

It seems as though Grace is finally healthy again. Her bowel movements have slowed down and her bottom is just about healed. Thank God! Jason was right! I was a crazy, overreacting psycho mom. Oh well! Haha. We're thinking that it just took her body a few extra days to regulate itself and get the rest of the soy protein out of her body.
Due to Grace's health, I didn't get a chance to write up an 8 month post. She has really started to entertain us this past month. I spend most days after work watching her in her Around-We-Go. She is hilarious! Orville usually barks at her to play with him when she is in the Around-We-Go. She usually ignores him, but yesterday she realized that he was barking at her and she just started laughing and then proceeded to zoom around.She has also started making this gasping noise. At first is really scared us because it sounds like she is gasping for air. We are used to it now though and it seems like she does it when she is upset about something.
We started turkey and chicken this past month. Since I make it myself it is a little difficult to get the texture perfect. She just gagged on the turkey (probably due to the texture). I mixed the chicken with sweet potatoes and she wasn't a huge fan so I added some butternut squash to it and she seems to be pretty happy with it now.
Grace really enjoys play time on the floor now. She is starting to scoot herself backwards when she is on her belly, but she hasn't started going forward yet. She do it when she is ready!
I know we have some new pictures and video, but I'll have to ask Jason to post them for us. It probably won't be until Wednesday or Thursday due to his softball schedule. We hope you all have a happy and safe week!