Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 Months Old

Grace is 7 months old today! We cannot believe how fast each month goes by. It seems like it goes by faster with each month. It also seems like each month gets better and better as Grace learns new things.
She has started to sit up on her own. We still need to sit next to her so we can catch her if she begins to tip which happens sometimes. Last week she still needed a lot of help with this, but today she was able to sit for a few minutes without tipping. It's amazing how fast she learns new things. As I reported earlier this week, Grace's first tooth arrived. You can see it a lot better now. We think that another tooth is poking through now too, but Grace won't let us get a clear shot of it.
She is eating lots of different foods now. We introduced butternut squash, acorn squash, avocados, peaches and pears this month.

Grace is also becoming quite the noise maker. She loves to hear herself cough so she will usually spend a lot of time doing this during the day. Apparently when Jason and I leave for work, Grace likes to screech. We are started to notice that she really seems to enjoy music. We have always played music every night while sleeps. Every time she hears music she turns her head towards it and listens intently. She also likes to play the keyboard on her "Around We Go" toy. Another new thing that we have noticed is that Grace is starting to developing seperation anxiety. If I leave the room while she is playing she will usually start to cry until I return. I have also noticed that if I start walking towards her she will smile, but as soon as I turn away she starts to cry. She has also started crying when different family members try to hold her.
Last week, Grace had her first "photoshoot". She was quite the little ham. The photographer asked us if we take a lot of pictures of Grace and we said "Oh yeah!". She said that she could tell since Grace was so comfortable in front of the camera. We are supposed to pick up the pictures on Friday so we will try to post them when we get them.

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Brian and Karen said...

She is getting so big!!! Are you making your own food now? It sounds like you are! That is so exciting. Glad to hear all is going well! :)

Love to see new pictures!!

Lots of love to you guys!