Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We have a tooth!

I believe that I mentioned a bump on Grace's gums during the 6 month update post. Well, that bump just turned into a tooth today. All weekend she was chewing on this like a little crazy woman and the drool was just pouring out of her mouth. We also noticed that she was acting a little cranky which is unusual for her. We figured her tooth would pop out of her gums any day now and sure enough it did. There was nothing there this morning and when I got home from work today my mom mentioned that she got really cranky around 2pm and she had to give her some Tylenol because nothing seemed to cheer her up. I put my finger in her mouth and sure enough I felt a tooth. I mader her laugh and there it was. I don't have a picture yet because there really isn't a whole lot to see yet. I will make sure I post a picture when you can see the tooth a little better.


Brian and Karen said...

Yah! Congrats little girl. One of many milestones to come!

Also, Stace, work? I thought you were done working. I am confused.

Love you guys!

Stacey Gringer said...

Thanks Karen! I can't believe she already has a tooth though. It's a little sad for me. I went back to subbing so I work when they call me. They've actually called me everyday so far. I decided to take Monday off though. So I am working, but I'm not if that makes sense!