Sunday, September 21, 2008

Might Be Coming Home Today!

Great news - we have a good possibility of getting discharged today with our little one! They are allowing her to stay in our room pretty much all day today and only has to go back down to the SCU for a couple quick checkups and take any medicine she needs. We were not thinking we'd be able to take her home until at the earliest tomorrow morning so this is definitely awesome news!! She has one test that still needs to come back to be sure she is clear of infection, and should be hearing on that in the next few hours.

Grace is still doing rather well with her feedings as she has had a few more wet diapers - which she absolutely hates to be in and cries if she is. That is pretty much the only time she really cries so far except if she is really hungry and Mommy's food is taking too long to get to her mouth! Her favorite thing so far seems to be sucking on our pinky fingers - which she probably would do for who knows how long before we pulled them out. Also, she still has her little IV in her hand, which they had to switch to her other hand last night as the other one was leaking. Hopefully that will be out soon enough. Will post again either from home or when I know more about the discharge.

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