Saturday, February 12, 2011

28 Week Appointment

27 Weeks Pregnant

I had my 28 week (27 weeks 1 day)check-up on Wednesday. Everything went very well. The baby's heart rate was 155 bpm again. It seems like his heart is always around this number. I was able to get my results from the glucose test that I took on Saturday and my count was 79 and I had to be below 130 to pass. The test also checked my iron levels and those came back good. I have been feeling really well especially compared to how I felt with Grace at this point. I must say that being pregnant during the winter is much more enjoyable than during the summer. We have had many illnesses going through our house lately though and I caught some sort of upper respiratory thing and I had a hard time sleeping during the beginning of the week. Dr. Ogden said that the best thing you can do is use saline nose spray 3, 4 or 5 times a day. I took him up on his advice and I must say that he is right. I felt much better towards the end of the week. I have had no more issues with my sciatic nerve anymore. Hopefully this trend will continue! Dr. Ogden didn't say anything about my weight gain this month although I'm pretty sure I gained a few more. I have still only gained 7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight which I think is pretty good. I am hoping that I will fit perfectly into my dress for my cousin's wedding in May (about two weeks after the baby's due date).
I think the baby may have turned on Tuesday as I was feeling more uncomfortable and I am having a harder time bending over now. It feels like something is now in the way whenever I try. I have also noticed that his movements are in different spots now and not as strong.
As for now, we are all doing well. Grace loves to hang out in the baby's room. She is not thrilled with the fact that we haven't painted the closet though. She likes to point it out to everyone. She is definitely a perfectionist!

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