Friday, July 25, 2008

The Nursery -- Stage 2: Molding Complete, Mural Underway & Other Misc. Updates!


Okay, another lengthy delay between posts, but boy have we been busy!! First an update on mother and child --- They both survived a tiring week of 3 DMB concerts & weekend in Saratoga and both Stacey & Grace continue to do well as we are nearing the two-month to go mark. Everything has checked out well with Stace recently at the doctors and no complications to report besides the to-be-expected hands/feet swelling and sore body. Grace continues to grow as she often plays Stacey's stomach like a drum with her feet and arms.

Our birth classes have started at Rochester General (our birthing hospital) and have been pretty interesting, as we are two weeks in (three to go). First class was mainly information, second was massage / breathing techniques. Some things that stick out in my mind up to this point: "T.A.C.O." and "Howt / Hee-hee-hoo". Feeling a bit more comfortable than before about the whole process, which is definately a good thing!

The nursery continues to progress as with A LOT of help from my Dad, we were able to get the molding up around the middle of the room and it looks great! I started on the mural as well, drew everything on the wall and started painting a few weeks back. It has been a bit more difficult than I thought it would be painting with wall paint, instead of something like acrylic, as I've had to do 2-3 coats for each color so far, which is adding a lot more time than I had originally anticipated. However, it is looking pretty much as good as I had hoped so far and about 30% complete -- sorry no pics 'til it's done!! Our furniture is FINALLY in from Simon's (crib, dresser/hutch/changing table, armoire, glider/rocking chair) and will be to us on Saturday, so I'm hoping to have the mural mostly done by then.

August should be a very busy month for us --- two baby showers, a couple weddings, & more --- I'll be sure to post updates of the showers after they happen. We have started to accumulate a couple main necessities last week to go with the piles of clothes and other misc. small items we have so far, as we were able to score a nice breast pump off Ebay and received a travel system (stroller / car seat) from Stacey's Dad. Also, I finally went ahead and bought a new digital camera (Nikon D60), and it's pretty awesome. The picture quality is pretty amazing and it's definitely gonna get worn out once Grace arrives! All right, think that's all I have for now --- enjoy the pictures below --- the last 6 were taken with the new camera, the one of the ceiling fan (in the nursery) is a personal fav., and also threw in some of the boys relaxing in what they think is "their" room (gonna be angry when they don't have that empty room to play in anymore once Grace is here!)

Pics 1-3: Molding, 4: Travel System, 5: Bassinet Close-Up, 6: Ceiling Fan, 7: Toby in Living Room, 8-9: Orville, Toby, Buddy in Nursery
(You can click on an image to view it full size).

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Brian and Karen said...

I am so glad you guys scored a breast pump on Ebay. Honestly, a used pump is definitely the way to go! Stacey will be thankful she has it too once the baby is here, it can come in handy for boosting milk supply and help with emptying if Grace is a "sleepy nursling". :) It was so great to see you guys and we are always praying for you both and for Grace as she grows big and strong. Can't wait to hear and see more updates.

Love you,
Karen :)