Sunday, August 8, 2010

Springdale Farm Trip

Sorry for the long delay in posts. We have been very busy and although we have taken a bunch of videos and pictures, we haven't had the time to upload all of them.

For the past few months, we have been working on animal names and sounds with Grace. About a month ago we found some great farm animals at Toys R'Us and they quickly became one of Grace's favorite toys. We finally had a chance to take Grace to Springdale Farm and she had a blast. Here are some pictures of our trip.

They also have a playground and picnic area. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to pack our lunches that day so we had to eat at home. Grace still loved going on the playground with Daddy though. :)

Grace hamming it up for the camera!

Here's Grace riding the tractor. Unfortunately, I am terrible at taking pictures so her face in blurry. :(

Here's Grace feeding the baby goats. She loved this part.

Grace pet the sheep, but we had her stay away from them since they are so big and she's still so little.

Grace and Daddy on the tire. :)

We taught her how to feed some grass to the goats so she kept trying to feed grass to all of the animals. So cute!

We all know how Grace loves horses (aka horsies).

I'm sure we will be visiting Springdale Farm a lot more in the future! What a great place!

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Nicole said...

Grace is such a cutie. I love the pigtails. What a fun trip to the farm. I wish we had more green like that here in Vegas.