Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Swim Class Part 2

We are happy to report that Grace is really enjoying her swim class now. I ended up going in the pool with her during the second class and then Jason when in with her for the third class. We think she was just adjusting to her new surroundings. It has really become a great Saturday routine for us. It doesn't seem like she is really learning a lot, but we are all having a lot of fun doing it as a family. We are learning a lot of different techniques to use when we have Grace in the pool so at least we are getting something out of it. She isn't really swimming yet, but she is definitely getting used to the water. We sing a lot of songs and incorporate different movements to the tunes. Grace also gets a chance to practice "jumping" into the pool. Which basically means we stand her up on the side and carry her into the pool. Here are a few pictures from this past Saturday.

Above is a picture of Grace learning how to do the superman pose while reaching for the ball.

The picture above shows Grace trying to grab different colored boxes. At the end we had to put them in the correct bin.

The picture above shows Grace practicing her kicks and scooping motion.

The above picture shows Grace practicing her jumps. She really just wanted to sit on the side of the pool though.

We were practicing some sort of song here, but I don't remember which one. It may have been "The Wheels on the Bus".

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