Thursday, October 22, 2009


On Monday my mom went in for a CAT scan to see if the chemotherapy is working. She had a scan of her lungs and her abdomen. Today she went in to receive the results. Fortunately, the cancer is stable. The cells have not grown or spread anymore. This is terrific news for now! Her doctor would like her to receive two more rounds on chemotherapy, then they will perform another CAT scan.
We do not know about the progress of her brain tumor yet. They will have her go for a scan of her brain in December. Apparently it will take that long to determine whether or not the radiation therapy has worked or not.
The doctor did say that she would like Peej to gain more weight. A few weeks ago she visited her lung doctor and he said that she should stay inside this winter. The cold is not very good for her lungs. Hopefully she will listen! We are just doing our best right now to stay healthy and keep mom healthy. Since I work with 5,6, and 7 year olds, this can be a bit difficult! Thanks for all of the prayers. We really appreciate them!

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