Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Graduation and a New Job

Today was Patty's (Stacey's mom) last day of radiation treatments. She was able to take home her special mask and a certificate to show that she graduated from her radiation treatments. We are so thankful that Patty was able to go to The Cancer Center at Unity Health Center. We have never met a more caring, compassionate, and respectful staff. They have been a complete blessing in our lives and we are actually sad that Patty will no longer be seeing them.
Yesterday we met with Dr. Zhang and she said that her partner will be meeting with Patty on September 15th and they will probably do an MRI then to see if the tumor has shrunk. Patty lost two pounds last week, but she stayed at the same weight this week. On Friday she will be meeting with Dr. Fetton to discuss her future chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, I (Stacey) will not be able to go due to.......my new job! My brother Brian will be going in my place.
I received a phone call from Spencerport Central School District last week to set up an appointment to meet with the deputy superintendent. On Wednesday I went in for my meeting and I was offered a full year long-term substituting position at Canal View Elementary school. I am very exciting about this new opportunity and I am ecstatic that I will be able to teach first grade again! I will started some new teacher classes tomorrow so that is why I cannot go to the appointment with Dr. Fetton on Friday. We are so thankful for this new opportunity!

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Brian and Karen said...

Yay for treatments being over!!!! Praise God! So excited that she got her mask too. Daniel's treatments were interrupted by significant growth and therefore, he never "graduated" - I was bummed we never went back to get his mask. :( O'well.

Also, Congrats on the new job. I am so excited for you and I know this will be a steadier schedule for you to maintain and will make life easier for you all.

We will be continuous in our prayers for you and your family.
Love you guys!!!