Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grace is 10 Months Old!

Grace passed out on Daddy's lap with her new best friend Elmo!

A close up of Grace sleeping on Daddy's lap.

Grace and Sierra playing together although Grace just liked to watch Sierra play.

Grace eating green beans for the first time and loving them!

Grace's wild hairdo after a nice nap.

We cannot believe that our little peanut will be a year old in just two months. Grace started to do some amazing things this past month. On July 5th she started to crawl like a big girl. The next day she started to go from laying down to sitting up to laying down again. She also started to pull herself up and cruise around. It felt like she literally grew up overnight. It was unbelievable. She also has two new top front teeth which means that she has four teeth total. Her new word is choo choo which sounds more like "ch, ch" right now. Every time she hears a train pass by she turns and says choo choo. It's so cute! Yesterday she started to wave goodbye and we could have sworn that she said bye bye, but we are not 100% positive that she said bye so we will see about that one in the weeks to come. We also weighed Grace today and it looks like she is 17.4 lbs now.

Grace's allergy tests came back negative for everything. We tried some soy formula again a few weeks ago (a different brand though) and she broke out again. We actually just had a sample can in our cupboard and we didn't realize it was soy until we looked at the can a little more carefully. We immediately stopped the formula and of course it went away. We are now convinced that she has a soy allergy although the test said that she didn't. Weird! At least we knew what it was and we were able to stop it pretty soon this time. We also believe that she is allergic to carrots. I'm pretty sad about this because she enjoys eating them and they are super easy to cook for her.

Grace does have some new favorite foods now. She loves Cheerios. I think she would eat them all day, every day if we let her. She also likes green beans. It seems like her appetite is picking up some which is great! Hopefully Grace will have continued health and success throughout the next month~

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Kristen said...

What a cutie; that smile is just the best! And I know what you mean about growing up overnight - the same thing happened with Abby. One day, she was content to sit and play with her toys and the next, she just wouldn't stay still! So glad to hear that Grace is doing so well! :-)