Monday, May 25, 2009


Our prayers seemed to be answered. Grace seems to be doing much better now. She was able to drink most of her formula yesterday. She also slept in until 9 am which she hasn't done in a long time. She took two good naps too. She still pooped more than she probably should be, but hopefully that will stop once the new formula gets in her system and the old stuff gets out. Her bum also looks a lot better so hopefully it will continue to heal.


Brian and Karen said...

So glad to hear things are on the up swing. Been praying for you and for Grace. That is so weird that Grace started refusing the breast. You aren't pregnant, are you? :) LOL! Sometimes they say milk changes and tastes bad when the breastfeeding mom gets prego again. :)

Anyways, glad to hear things are getting better! :)
Keep us posted.

Love you guys!

Stacey Gringer said...

Thanks for the prayers! We really appreciate it. I would be absolutely shocked if I am pregnant. I don't believe that is the case though. I really think she just got used to having the bottle and she was upset that she wasn't getting the milk as fast. I was also having a really difficult time producing the milk. I think that when I got the thrush it decreased my supply and I just had a hard time bouncing back from that. It was pretty upsetting though.