Saturday, November 8, 2008

7 Weeks Old and Sick Again... :(

Grace is now 7 weeks old and she is getting big! What a scary night we had! Last night our friends Lilac & PJ stopped by the see Grace. While they were here I took Grace into her room to change her diaper and I noticed that she had green stool. A little while later I took her into her room to change her again and she had green stool with a little bit of blood tinged mucus. I immediately took her temperature which was 99.7 degrees and then I called the doctor. Since it was 8:30 pm I had to speak to the answering service and then a nurse called me back a few minutes later. She wanted me to call our doctor's office immediately this morning to get her in, but she said if she had more blood or if she woke up inconsolable during the night then I would have to call back right away. Thankfully we didn't' have anymore bloody diapers and she actually slept for 6 hours straight during the night! I could not believe it! I called Genesis Pediatrics at 8:00am this morning and got her in for a 9 o'clock appointment. Thankfully they are open on Saturdays for illnesses! Well we found out that her Thrush is completely gone, but she does have rota virus (stomach virus). They are going to send her diaper for testing ( Yes we saved it and took it in) and they will let us know the results for sure in a few days. We also found out that she now weighs 8 lbs 13 1/2 oz. She has gained 11 1/2 ounces in a week! Mommy's milk must be good! She has also gained this much weight while sleeping for at least one 4 or 5 hour chunk per night. : )
I also had to go to see my doctor yesterday for my post partum visit and my Thrush is back so I have a new medicine that i need to use. Hopefully it works because nursing is very painful and Grace needs to eat frequently so she does not become dehydrated.
Needless to say, anyone who comes near Grace can expect us to tell them to wash and sanitize their hands before coming near her and then repeating the process many times. Sorry, but we need to protect our Peanut. She's been through too much already!


Brian & Karen said...

Praise God that Grace is sleeping so well! Looks like she almost might be ready to make it through the night! That is exciting.

We will be praying for her virus to clear up quickly. Also, for the thrush - yuck! I know how you feel. Sierra was 7.5 weeks old when I was diagnosed the 2nd time with Mastitis. I was devastated, cause, as you know, she had just started sleeping through the night and I did not want that to cease. Thankfully, she was able to continue sleeping through the night and I pumped around midnight to "empty" before going to sleep and combined with the antibiotics it cleared up for good! We are praying for you often.

Praise God for Good Mama's milk! If you can just push through this for a few more weeks, you will be so happy! Your nursing relationship will change drastically as she keeps gaining weight and gets bigger and all the pain heals!

Love to you guys,
Karen ;)

Katie said...

Hey there,
I am so sorry that little Grace is sick. That is not fun for anyone!
I just want to encourage you on a couple of things:
1. The nursing WILL get better. I promise!!! Just hang in there and these days will honestly become a distant memory. You'll be so thankful you did!
2. Breastfed babies CAN sleep through the night despite what everyone says. And they can do it when they are still very young. It happened for me and many others that I know. They don't need formula (or God-forbid, cereal) to make it through the night without eating. She is well on her way. Go Grace!!
Love you guys.

Brian & Karen said...

I just wanted to comment again, because I read Katie's comment and I thought it was too funny that she said the same things I did.

Seriously, Katie was my #1 cheerleader when it came to breastfeeding. I wanted to quit so many times, as it was so painful. Kate kept promising that it would get better and I remember saying, how does it ever get better, she is ALWAYS eating. She would always say, "I don't know how...but it will."

Well, it did and I was so thankful. It was probably around 8 weeks postpartum when I finally felt better. I know the end is near for you. I can't wait to hear how amazing your nursing relationship is after you get past all this uncertainty.

We are praying for Grace too and hope she is feeling better now.

God Bless,
Karen :)