Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Second Ultrasound Update


We went in for our second free ultrasound at CompassCare, thanks again to Sue, last Tuesday, April 1st and our little one had grown quite a bit! The baby was extremely active for the camera, doing numerous somersaults, curling up in a ball, stretching out, and staring directly at the camera for the most part. Soon it won't have enough space to move around like that so I guess the baby is getting it all out of their system. I also must admit it was a little weird to see the baby with no eye-lids but I suppose those will be forming very soon. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for next Wednesday, the 16th, which will be the first "official" one with our doctor, and I'm sure we'll see a lot more growth! I've scanned all of the previous ultrasound pics, promise they'll be up here soon! Stay tuned...

We are also praying that our cousin Karen & her husband Brian have a safe and easy delivery of soon to be baby Sierra!

Update: Thu, April 10

Congrats to Karen & Brian on the birth of their baby girl Sierra, the newest edition to our ever growing family, born early this morning in VA! -- Ultrasound pics are below as promised yesterday...

Ultrasound Pics - Week 8

Ultrasound Pics - Week 13

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